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The conference is convening 500 delegates from 21 APEC member economies, looking to enhance women’s integration and economic empowerment in a changing world of work. The Forum will focus on promoting gender equality for inclusive economic growth, improving the competitiveness and creativeness of micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises owned by women, and narrowing the gender gap in human resources development.

Two decades have passed since the landmark UN Security Council resolution 1325 was adopted, enshrining the role of women in securing and maintaining peace. Peace and equitable crisis response and disaster prevention are prerequisites for health, human security, and sustainable development.

[6] D.C. Arbeláez-Ruiz, Indigenous resistance to mining in post-conflict Colombia, The Extractive Industries and Society, 100953, 2021, https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2214790X21001155

“Our experience has shown us that violence against women and girls is preventable,” UN Women Executive Director Sima Bahous reminded attendees. “The success stories we hear today will showcase some of the transformative work being done to reduce violence, change social norms, and empower women and girls across the world,” Bahous added. The event highlighted solutions including evidence-driven programming, which has proven results in reducing gender-based violence against women and girls, demonstrating that transformative change is possible.

They are farmers, workers, entrepreneurs, teachers, and they are key to building resilient, peaceful and sustainable societies. They live in rural settings, but their contributions nurture entire nations. And as COVID-19 ravaged our lives and economies, rural women have been leading, often hidden from the limelight, in sustaining and recovering their communities.


Date: Monday, 8 March 2021

We want to see violence against women comprehensively prevented and responded to. We will nearly double the number of countries that have both legislation and budget provisions to address violence against women.  We plan to reach a modest 44 countries, which needs to increase dramatically. By 2021, more than 120 action plans should address social norms to prevent violence against women. Close to 70 countries should provide information on essential services with our support, which will be reinforced by the work that we will be doing to build capacity to collect and use data. And we will expand our Safe Cities programme, which will ensure that we increase the safety of women and girls in public spaces. 

“I felt worried and a lot of sadness,” she remembers. “I felt their children were already part of my family. I could not even say goodbye to them.”


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